WoodDoors product range for doors is very flexible, as we can manufacture attending customer’s specifications for any country. However, we could divide the range by wood specie. We can also manufacture other products such as residential or office furniture, wooden stairs components, kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, or projects in wood following the customer plans.

At WoodDoors we can supply products in raw wood, or finished or prefinished in many options.

We always maintain in inventory the following wood species: Brazilian Pine of the Taeda and Elliotii specie, American White Oak, American Knotty Red Alder and Red Meranti (similar to Mahogany). For products ordered in a continuous supply program, we can work with many other species, such as Merbau, Hemlock, Fir, Hickory or others.

We have good knowledge of all the standard usual sizes for the USA, Canada and UK markets, but we may supply in any other size for other countries.

WoodDoors products follow careful quality controls in order to attend the most demanding global markets.

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